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Please join us as we commemorate the sacrifices and success stories of scores of women for Salute Selma’s, Inc. and The Bridge Crossing Jubilee, Inc.: ReSister, ReDefining, ReVolting Our Power Women’s Summit. Then let’s show the world– our new U.S. president – that our voices matter, and will be heard, as Sisters In Synergy join the Historic Reenactment March Across Edmund Pettus Bridge!​ This is a moment of overwhelming grassroots energy! We are not going back!

Throughout history, black women have been instrumental in gaining civil rights for all Americans. We worked to gain the right to vote in the Suffrage Movement and was asked to march behind white women. We worked to gain civil rights in the Civil Rights Movement and was asked to march behind black men.

Now, we are leading our way to change. We are asking our allies to stand WITH us or stand BEHIND us. Where will you stand on March 5th?

How will these funds be used?

  • To provide need-based financial assistance to individuals around the country who want to travel to and from Selma, AL via the official chartered buses.
  • To provide scholarships for the Sisters in Synergy Youth Caucus.
  • To provide sundries, including water and snacks, for each of the official chartered buses.
  • To purchase supplies for the National Sisters in Synergy Women’s March.
  • To cover any necessary costs (permits, etc.) related to the organization of local affiliated marches, should they occur.

The national organizers and regional organizers of the National Sisters in Synergy March are volunteers and will receive no compensation from these funds.