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Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee assists with connecting with small business, academic, university/college, veteran, influencers, nonprofit, community organizations, and other special interest groups. The goal of outreach is to get people and organizations signed up to attend, support, partner, or sponsor the event.

Big Data Committee
The Big Data Committee works to collect, organize, and protect data collected for the event.

Social Media Committee
The Social Media Committee engages with the public via Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, and other social media outlets.

Solidarity March Committee
The Solidarity March Committee assists with coordinating sister marches around the country.

Logistics Committee
The Logistics Committee manages ground and travel logistics for the event that includes transportation, lodging, march marshals, medical and all other day-of-the-event movement.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee engages with public by managing newsletters, email campaigns, public relations, media liaison, and call center hotlines.

Web Design Committee
The Web Design Committee manages branding for online, email, and print resources. This includes web design, website design, art design, and layout design.

Product Committee
The Product Committee manages the creation and sales of products available for sale. This includes the online store and day-of-the-event sales.

Youth Caucus
​The Youth Caucus focuses on empowering youth to lead their way to change.

Ally Caucus
The Ally Caucus helps organize, mobilize, and educate people who are outside of the African diaspora to bridge the gap between our “black” sisters and other communities.